Arsenic Carbon Filter Tank w/ Arsenic Boost Technology


"Arsenic Boost" Carbon Tank

.75 cubic foot

Designed specifically to reduce Arsenic in your water. This whole house arsenic filter is a backwashing filter that economically reduces arsenic.

Questions? Please call a friendly water tech at 1-800-684-0979.

Phones are answered 24/7 by actual humans.

Bypass Valve

This tank is 8" x 44", and the controller on top adds another 6" or so of height. This filter is great for reducing arsenic to acceptable levels when you have moderate amounts of arsenic in your water. If your water has really high levels, you should consider adding the arsenic reverse osmosis drinking system for the drinking water. Or you can upgrade to the amazing "Arsenox" filter. It is capable of removing high quanitites of arsenic in your water.

S + H $90

Questions? Please call friendly water tech at 1-800-684-0979.

Phones are answered 24/7 by actual humans.


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