2.5CF Arsenic Boost


Premium Arsenic Boost Tank with 2.5 cubic feet mineral tank. American Made. 10 Year tank warranty. 7 year warranty on electronic controller. "Hard Programmed" smart controller holds the program indefinitely, even without power. Lifetime USA based support 7 days a week.

Questions? Please call a friendly water tech at 1-800-684-0979.

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Bypass Valve

Backwashing tank with 2.5 cubic feet of high quality mineral. Add 6" height for control valve that sits on the top. Don't confuse this premium grade filter with cheapo "carbon only" filters. This filter has "Arsenic Boost" for that goes after arsenic specifically while still removing things like chlorine, foul smells and tastes, sediment and dirt etc. 

S+H $135

Questions? Please call friendly water tech at 1-800-684-0979.

Phones are answered 24/7 by actual humans.


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