15K Fleck 7000 Premium Demand Softener


PREMIUM QUALITY Home Water Softener

American Made with only the finest components available. FREE USA Based Phone Support.

Questions? Call TOLL FREE 800-684-0979. Phones answered 24/7 by REAL HUMANS, based in the Good Old USA.

15,000 gr. cap 8" x 44" tank

Optional Outdoor Cover
Bypass Valve
Add Sediment Package (recommended)
Quick Connect Kit

AMERICAN MADE NSF CERTIFIED Premium quality digital water softener. Features cutting edge "Hard Programming", which means you'll never need fickle backup batteries like almost all other premium brands. You will never need to program after power failures. Program will still be there 6 months later (indefinitely), even without power. That makes it also perfect for vacation homes, motors homes, hunting cabins etc.
S+H $60.00
We also offer FREE PHONE SUPPORT 7 days a week.
TOLL FREE 800-684-0979, Phones answered 24/7 by REAL HUMANS, based in the Good Old USA. And never any pressure to buy. We just answer your questions and help you figure it out. No “dog and pony show” here.

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