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Acid Neutralizers

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10"Acid Neutralizer EZ fill...

EZ Acid Neutralizer Tank 1.5 Cubic Ft. Calcite plus and Calcite FREE SHIPPING

EZ FILL port makes the occasional adding of minerals quick and easy. These tanks have BOTH calcite and calcite plus. You would normally use two different tanks to use these two minerals. That is the proper way. But some people have no room for both tanks. Or they just want to do it this way. This tank measures 10"x54".

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1.5 Cubic Foot Acid...

FREE SHIPPING! Complete EZ Fill 1.5 Cubic Ft. Raises pH with almost no maintenance. Just add a litte mineral every few months, using the EZ Fill port. SIMPLE! How much and how often you need to add mineral, depends on how low the pHs and how much water you use. But the average homeowner tells us that they add minerals about once per year. Average cost to add minerals once per year is $35.

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